A structuralist metafilm about making a film. The movie unfolds itself to the viewer by showing glimpses of it's own filmmaking process. It creates conflict by guiding viewers attention to the material qualities of film medium, while also using narrative form for the representation of the filmmaking process. 2010, Super 8, 5 min.

Screenings: Festival Anapoda (Greece 2016), European Media Art Festival (Germany 2011), Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Germany 2011), Alternative Film/Video Festival (Serbia 2010), Madatac (Spain 2010), Patricia Doran Gallery (USA 2010), Transfera TV Program (Spain 2010), In/Out Festival (Poland 2010), Flicker Spokane Film Festival (USA 2010), Flexiff (Australia 2010), Abstracta International Exhibition (Italy 2010).