Physical Examination

Homage to Owen Land. Physical Examination is a short structural film that shows viewers the elements of film stock that usually cannot be seen during movie projection, like sprocket holes and sound track area. It also shows an examination of breasts. 2012, 16mm/HD Video, 3 min.

Screenings: Muestra Internacional de Apropiación Audiovisual (Peru 2017), Angular DVD Volume 01 (Spain 2015), Athens Video Art Festival (Greece 2014), SCRN TNSN Event (USA 2014), Wellington Underground Film Festival (New Zealand 2014), Streaming Festival (Netherlands 2013), Dallas VideoFest (USA 2013), Video Art Festival Miden (Greece 2013), Somerville Open Cinema Festival (USA 2013), Index Art Center (USA 2013), Experiments In Cinema v8.53 Festival + DVD (USA 2013), WRO Media Art Biennale (Poland 2013), Berlin International Directors Lounge (Germany 2013).