Naivistic science fiction movie. Abstract, static shots. A story about a victim of the government's secret mind control program. Overload was shot on reversal film stock that had expired over 20 years ago, hence the bluish cast. Some individual frames were printed on paper, messed up with watercolors and rephotographed. 2010, Super 8, 4 min.

Screenings: Pugnant Film Series "Fuck Narration" (Greece 2018), Timishort Film Festival (Romania 2011), Movement On Sceen 11 (UK 2011), Patricia Doran Gallery (USA 2010), Euroshorts; Best Experimental Film (Poland 2010), Artgrease TV Program (USA 2010), In/Out Festival (Poland 2010), Super8 Film Festival (Italy 2010), Flicker Spokane Film Festival (USA 2010).