Figures falling through space, time and memory, trapped in a limbo between feelings and reality. An animation about how we are constantly viewing the world around us through simulation constructed by mass media and accustomed to objectifying the body and identity. 2014, HD Video, 1 min.

Screenings: Athens Digital Arts Festival (Greece 2016), l'Alternativa Barcelona Independent Film Festival (Spain 2015), European Media Art Festival (Germany 2015), Experiments In Cinema v10.T36 (USA 2015), Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Germany 2015), Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (Switzerland 2014), Screengrab International Media Arts Award (Australia 2014), CologneOFF X International Videoart Festival (Germany 2014), Lumen Outdoor Projections at Beacons Festival (UK 2014), Kino Sampo Film Festival (Finland 2014), DEL + REW Digital Exhibition (UK 2014), Wellington Underground Film Festival (New Zealand 2014).