Mauri Lehtonen is a filmmaker and a new media artist. Style of his works varies from abstract structuralism to experimental pop mutations.




Exhibitions / Film Screenings

2018 Interference Festival (Poland), Fantoche International Animation Film Festival (Switzerland), Pugnant Film Series "Fuck Narration" (Greece).

2017 Muestra Internacional de Apropiación Audiovisual (Peru).

2016 Punto Y Raya Festival (Germany), Festival Anapoda (Greece), Athens Digital Arts Festival (Greece), Experiments In Cinema v11.4 (USA), AnimateCOLOGNE 4 (India), Transformers Media Lounge Program at the College Art Association Conference (USA).

2015 Angular DVD Volume 01 (Spain), l'Alternativa Barcelona Independent Film Festival (Spain), International Symposium On Electronic Art (Canada), ArtvideoKOELN (Germany), European Media Art Festival (Germany), Experiments In Cinema v10.T36 (USA), Wellington Underground Film Festival (New Zealand), Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Germany).

2014 Euroshorts (Poland), Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (Switzerland), Athens Video Art Festival (Greece), Screengrab International Media Arts Award (Australia), CologneOFF X International Videoart Festival (Germany), Lumen Outdoor Projections at Beacons Festival (UK), Kino Sampo Film Festival (Finland), SCRN TNSN Event (USA), What The Festival (USA), DEL + REW Digital Exhibition (UK), Wellington Underground Film Festival (New Zealand).

2013 ZwergWERK (Germany), Streaming Festival (Netherlands), Videomedeja (Serbia), Dallas VideoFest (USA), Video Art Festival Miden (Greece), Somerville Open Cinema Festival (USA), Index Art Center (USA), Experiments In Cinema v8.53 Festival + DVD (USA), WRO Media Art Biennale (Poland), Berlin International Directors Lounge (Germany).

2012 Videomedeja (Serbia), Euroshorts (Poland).

2011 Unlimited #5 Short Film Festival (Germany), Videoholica International Video Art Festival (Bulgaria), Shortini Film Festival (Italy), MisALT Screening: “Pornography And It's Discontents” (USA), Video Festival Imperia (Italy), Timishort Film Festival (Romania), Movement On Sceen 11 (UK), European Media Art Festival (Germany), Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Germany), Experiments In Cinema v6.3 Festival + DVD (USA).

2010 Patricia Doran Gallery (USA), Euroshorts; "Overload" awarded for Best Experimental Film (Poland), Artgrease TV Program (USA), In/Out Festival (Poland), Super8 Film Festival (Italy), Flicker Spokane Film Festival (USA), Alternative Film/Video Festival (Serbia), Madatac (Spain), Transfera TV Program (Spain), Flexiff (Australia), Abstracta International Exhibition (Italy), Bang! Short Film Festival (UK), Kino Światowid (Poland), Bielska Gallery BWA (Poland), Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Germany).

2009 Euroshorts Film Festival (Poland), Super8 Film Festival (Italy), Flicker Spokane Film Festival (USA), Sintetitza Short Film Festival (Pyrenees), 8th International Super 8mm Festival (Hungary), Broadway International Film Festival Los Angeles (USA).